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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are Louisiana’s laws concerning homeschooled students?   Information regarding homeschooling in Louisiana can be found here.  (Includes information about diplomas, playing sports, etc)

  2. Can I register my child for certain subjects only?  Summit Christian Academy Homeschool is full time only. Because we are a homeschool, our school day is already shorter than what is found in more traditional public and private schools.

  3. How much does it cost to send my child to Summit?  There is a $200 registration fee that also includes books/curriculum.  Tuition is $3900 per year, broken into TWELVE monthly payments of $325. Tuition for each school year is charged from June through May of each year. Families who register in August or later will be charged the registration fee and monthly tuition of $390 per month.

  4. Does Louisiana require homeschools to be accredited?  Louisiana does NOT require homeschools to be accredited. Summit Christian Academy Homeschool is a private homeschool.  Students are registered by their parents with the state, who then hire us to teach their children.

  5. How do I register my child with the state of Louisiana as a homeschool student?  The application to register your child is found here.

  6. What curriculum is used at Summit? We use a wide variety of curricula, often tailored to meet the needs of our students.  For most subjects, we mix and match from multiple publishers and companies. Just a sampling of what we use includes: Video Text Interactive, McDougal Littell, God’s Design for Science, Holt McDougal, and James Stobaugh’s literature and history texts.  In addition to textbooks, we also supplement with class discussions, related video clips, and audio links.

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